Idyllic village of Bramber
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Idyllic village of Bramber

 5bed house for sale west sussex bramber








Bramber probably overlooked by many. But who wants the obvious when you no longer have to appear something that you are now, and you do not want to be noticed for what you have achieved!  There is an opening for four now professionals to choose to live in Bramber.

Brighton & hove is within 12 minutes of Bramber, and you do not need a permit to park near your house. Bramber has the freedom of traffic jams and parking tickets accessed by the many rural roads and motorways. Bramber is very well located for today’s type of fast living.

Knowing you will be well serviced and have a good life style to fit all your needs.  This is virgin territory unexploited just go there and see for yourself no one will see the obvious.

You have escaped.